spider crack in windshield with blurred hand in foreground

What do I do if my Windshield is Cracked?

It’s pretty concerning when you’re driving around and suddenly, for one reason or another, you notice a fine line across the glass of your windshield that you’ve never seen before. Even if you know how it happened, it’s no less concerning to see a spidering crack, chip, or line. You’re probably wondering what to do next, so continue reading the rest of this entry to learn how you should proceed.

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close up of new tire tread with colored lines

How to Shop for Tires in Santa Maria, CA

If it’s tire time for you and your car, don’t be afraid. At Honda of Santa Maria, we can help you find the right set of tires for your car. There are a lot of different types of tires out there, and a lot of reasons to buy one or the other, but the whole process is a lot easier when you bring your car to a trusted dealership and consult with a professional. Continue reading to learn more about shopping for tires in Santa Maria.

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new and worn brake pads comparison

How to tell when your Brake Pads need to be Changed

Have you ever felt your car vibrate as you pushed down on the brake pedal? Slipping on ice aside, this often means your brake pads are wearing down. But if they’re already vibrating, screeching or making other noise, you’re probably a few hundred miles past when you should have gotten them changed. So how do you know when they need a change? Continue reading to find out.

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2021 Honda Civic Sedan red driving to left on road

Does the 2021 Honda Civic Sedan have Automatic Brakes?

Automotive technology is advancing at such a quick pace that it’s hard to keep up with what’s common and even what’s possible on modern cars. As cars get more sensors and more computing power, drivers have come to have high expectations for their vehicle’s safety systems. As nice as comfort, entertainment, and convenience tech is, people keep buying what they know will keep them and their family safe. A major component of modern safety technology is automatic braking.

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2021 Honda Passport silver parked on gravel in front of rock wall

What Colors Does the 2021 Honda Passport Come In?

The 2021 Honda Passport has seven color options, which may not seem like a lot, but it has room for one unusual but interesting color option. The selection of colors is limited because the Passport isn’t designed to draw too much attention to itself. That isn’t to say it doesn’t look great, the Passport simply doesn’t need radical shades and hues to impress people.

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2021 Honda Accord Hybrid red tilted angle

How Do Hybrid Vehicles Work?

Hybrid vehicles aren’t just a niche anymore. Most automakers have one or two hybrid models in their lineup, not to mention hybrid powertrain versions of existing models. With hybrids becoming a mainstream part of the automotive landscape, you are probably wondering how they work. Continue reading to learn more about how Hybrid vehicles work and how they are different from traditional gasoline and electric vehicles.

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2021 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring silver parked in front of sunset

Are Hatchbacks Making a Comeback?

This is a question many people find themselves asking every few years, but it might be a bigger talking point now than it has in the last twenty years. From 2017 to now, hatchback models have made a bit of a comeback. Don’t expect hatchbacks to become a dominant force, but you might be surprised to see more on the road. Continue reading to learn more about modern hatchback trends.

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