2019 Honda CR-V parked by the ocean

How Much Space Does the 2019 Honda CR-V Have?

There is nothing more important than space in a family car. There are kids to chauffer and groceries to carry around. It doesn’t take long for the space in your car to run out. Before long, you are going to need something more spacious and flexible.

It isn’t easy finding a vehicle that is large enough to handle the demands of a big family, though. You need to find something that is flexible enough to handle passengers and cargo. Searching for a family car presents you with some unique challenges, but the first order of business is making sure it’s roomy enough.

2019 Honda CR-V Cargo Space

SUVs are known for being spacious and the 2019 Honda CR-V is certainly roomy. With all of the seats in place, the CR-V has 39.2 cu-ft of cargo space. Putting the seats down will get you a lot more space, but just how much extra room will you get? The CR-V offers 75.8 cu-ft of cargo space maximum. Now, that is a lot of space to work with. It’s more important how you can use that space, though, not just how much there is.

2019 Honda CR-V driving on a highway

2019 Honda CR-V driver display

The CR-V offers some convenient ways to get into that space. The hands-free liftgate makes grocery shopping a breeze as you can open your trunk with just a foot. On top of that, the split-fold design of the seats lets you shape and form the cargo space to find the perfect mix between cargo and passengers. The CR-V puts an emphasis on being flexible for your family needs.

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