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How To Stay Safe This Fourth of July

There are a lot of reasons to be excited this time of the year. It’s finally summertime which means there is no more school and there is finally time to think about vacations or at least going to the beach. The possibilities seem relatively endless when you think about it.

Summer is even better for kids who suddenly don’t have to worry about school or bedtime anymore. There is a lot more time for activities in the summer, but one activity is clearly better than all the rest of them. The summer is known for lighting up the sky with brilliant flashes of lights and sounds. Fireworks are fun, but if this is your first time with little ones and fireworks, we have some tips you should consider.

Safety Tips for Fireworks and Kids

The biggest, and most obvious, tip we can give is to pay attention to what you are buying. If you’re just doing a little firework show in your backyard, then you don’t want to go overboard with your purchase. You don’t need to buy anything that is big and flashy, instead keep it simple. Fireworks that are in brown paper are generally made for professional displays, so you can avoid those ones.

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A lot of common sense can prevent many of the common injuries you see this time of year. Make sure you keep an eye on your kids and the fireworks they are using. Sparklers can be especially dangerous in inattentive hands. Make sure everyone is a safe distance away when you light a firework and don’t put them in metal or glass containers because those can shatter.

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