Dog diving into the water and having fun

What Beaches Allow Dogs in Santa Maria?

Isn’t summer an exciting time? It seems like there’s so much more life and fun to be had in the summertime. Even for the adults who work all day, summer seems to come with a lot more free time and adventure. There is so much more to do and see in the summer. 

The summer heat can be pretty awful though. Baking in the sun isn’t exactly the ideal way to spend a day, so you’ll probably want a good way to cool down. Going for a swim is usually a great idea, but you don’t want to leave your poached pooch behind. Every dog has their day so you might as well make it a beach day right? 

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Santa Maria, CA 

Chase Palm Park 

Located in nearby Santa Barbara, Chase Palm Park is a lovely little area with trails and beaches for your pooch to play in. It offers a lot of space to move and walk around, but your dog must be leashed here. 

Shoreline Park 

Shoreline Park boasts a lovely view of the coastal bluffs and has some cozy picnic areas. The beach can be a bit rocky, so come at low tide. Dogs must be leashed in this park. 

Arroyo Burro Beach 

If you’re looking for a spot with plenty of room to get wet and rowdy, then you’re looking for Arroyo Burro Beach. There is even a chance of spotting a whale in the distance. Dogs must be leashed in this park. 

Douglas Family Preserve 

Wide open spaces and gorgeous views fill the Douglas Family Preserve. There are open areas where your dog can roam off-leash, otherwise a leash is needed. 

Santa Claus Beach 

A smaller and cozier beach is what Santa Claus Beach offers. You can have Christmas in July while you partake in all of the summer fun. Dogs must be leashed in this park. 

Summerland Beach 

Summerland Beach is a bit more open, so you won’t feel too crowded on these shores. It’s ideal for picnics and beach activities. Dogs must be leashed here. 

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